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  1. What is the place of cryptocurrencies or crypto projects in the modern world?

– Cryptocurrencies are the future of payments. As it seems absurd to us to use mobile phones with buttons, and only 10 years have passed since the first touch display, so I think that in another 10 years time, it will seem absurd to give money to our children in cash or for electronic transfers. Blockchain projects will shape the view of the modern world. There is no better technology that is well-known and available to the public at the moment.


  1. What is behind each cryptocurrency?

– Behind every cryptocurrency there is a blockchain technology, no matter if it is public or private. This technology has actually changed the business. Each blockchain has a specific algorith, designed to address different needs in the real economy.


  1. What is the crypto market in Bulgaria?

– Bulgaria is a small market for everything, not only for crypto, but per capita Bulgaria is a very well-informed and familiar country in the sector.


  1. How can the Bulgarian consumer benefit from crypto products?

– Everyone can benefit by taking an interest, learning and following the development of the crypto market and the products presented on the exchanges. People should not believe all the negative articles and manipulations that have been written on the topic, as well as to realize who and why wrote the specific content on this topic. If you want to invest, I recommend you to look for professionally represented companies in this sector.


  1. What is the application of crypto products in Bulgaria?

– Customers in Bulgaria can use applications for cryptocurrency transfers and several group shopping sites, they also might be separate merchants with a single offer. In Japan, citizens can pay their electricity and household bills with cryptocurrencies, in Switzerland, in addition to bills, they can also pay for public transport. Various merchants now accept payments in cryptocurrencies for the sale of real estate, cars, large I-comers sites, various services and goods.


  1. What is the latest information from the best represented coins on the stock exchange?

– There is a growing interest in these projects from institutional investors and various funds.


  1. Where is the conflict between the state and the banks with this industry?

– Blockchain technology is evolving at a much faster rate and outpacing the speed of state administrations, as well as large-scale and heavy bank management systems. For this reason, we see how the institutions are manipulating the pace for now, but that will change over the years.


  1. Who are the potential or best users of crypto products (blockchain)?

– The most aggressive are the big corporations – globalists whose existence is endangered and impossible without the implemented blockchain technology. The rest of society who likes everything to be easy, fast, safe and cheap, have an open mind for a positive change.


  1. Can it be said that the crypto is already in people’s daily lives and why?

– Not yet, because most of the people think it’s something complicated, only for IT professionals or engineers, and this technology is evolving precisely because it makes things easier. For the generation born after 2000, the crypto world is a reality and they cannot imagine the world without it.


  1. Which are the most liberal countries for cryptocurrencies and how does this liberalization manifest itself?

– Liberal countries not only for cryptocurrencies are Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Australia. A clear example of the state institutions and governments that implement these technologies are Latvia, Switzerland and the UAE, which by 2020 will have fully electronic services built on blockchain technologies.


  1. Where in the world do cryptocurrencies have the greatest use case?

– Where the current payment systems or services that the world has known so far are poorly developed. The continent of Africa is a typical example. But these technologies will convincingly enter the applications for identification, smart contracts, data processing this year. We will soon have the opportunity to use them in the judiciary system and healthcare.

  1. What is the attitude of governments in different countries around the world to cryptocurrencies and these technologies?

– As with any technology that they have failed to subordinate to their political interests. But this is something different and works in the interest of the people.